urx unit loader 'Smash' finale: Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty both dressed as Marilyn Monroe    but who gets to play her?
Jack-Davenport-Megan-Hilty-Katharine-McPhee-Smash-who-plays-Marilyn-Monroe-Bombshell-Uma-Thurman-photos-behind-the-scenes-2-nbc.jpgNow that Rebecca Duvall (Uma Thurman) is out of the picture, “Bombshell” needs a new Marilyn Monroe on the Season 1 finale of NBC’s “Smash.” But will it be understudy Karen (Katharine McPhee) or more-experienced Ivy (Megan Hilty)?

Viewers will definitely have an answer by the end of Monday’s (May 14) finale — along with loads of questions about some explosive cliffhangers — but Zap2it can at least reveal that both women get dolled up in their Marilyn best for the episode, as seen in these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos.

Check out the images below, and tune in to NBC Monday at 10 p.m. for “Smash.”

Jack-Davenport-Megan-Hilty-Katharine-McPhee-Smash-behind-the-scenes-nbc.jpgMegan-Hilty-Katharine-McPhee-Smash-behind-the-scenes-2-nbc.jpgMegan-Hilty-Katharine-McPhee-Smash-behind-the-scenes-3-nbc.jpgMegan-Hilty-Katharine-McPhee-Smash-behind-the-scenes-4-nbc.jpgMegan-Hilty-Katharine-McPhee-Smash-behind-the-scenes-5-nbc.jpgMegan-Hilty-Katharine-McPhee-Smash-behind-the-scenes-NBC.jpgMarilyn-Monroe-wigs-Smash-behind-the-scenes-2-NBC.jpgMarilyn-Monroe-wigs-Smash-behind-the-scenes-NBC.jpgWho do you think is chosen to play Marilyn?