“Sons of Anarchy” is in production for Season 5 and has started dropping some great tidbits for the fans, including this new behind-the-scenes video called “Before the Anarchy.”

Rockmund Dunbar, who plays Sheriff Eli Roosevelt on the show, sums it up best with his assessment of Season 5:

“I thought they did it all last season, but apparently they’re creative enough to come up with some more incredible s***. So stay tuned for it. It’s gonna be amazing, it’s gonna be hot. And people are gonna die. Because that’s what we do on this show. We kill motherf***ers.”

Ryan Hurst (Opie) also teases that his character has kind of hit rock bottom. Jax is all he has left and he might go to great lengths to get Jax out of the SAMCRO life.

We can hardly wait. “Sons of Anarchy” comes back Tuesday, Sept. 11 on FX.