Warning: One of the below photos contains an obscene hand gesture.
The final season of “Sons of Anarchy” is in production and SAMCRO is going for one last ride. If you’ve been waiting to see the cast together before Season 7 premieres, Twitter is the place to go. 
The cast and crew have been sharing photos from the set and it looks like they’re having a good time. FX Vice President of Media Relations Dominic Pagone shared images of the assembled cast, gathered to shoot promotional photos. They follow the shots of Charlie Hunnam from May.
Meanwhile, it was Kim Coates (Tig) who first to tweet a photo of SAMCRO together. In the selfie, which you can see below, Hunnam and Tommy Flanagan are flashing middle fingers. They’re outlaw bikers, what else would you expect?
There’s still a while before “Sons of Anarchy’s” September premiere, but at this rate there should be plenty to see along the way.