soy sauce overdose gi Soy sauce overdose puts 19 year old man in coma

Too much of anything is never good. A 19-year-old man learned that after accepting a dare by his friends to drink a bunch of soy sauce. After downing the salty liquid he began twitching and having seizures, Fox News reports.
His friends took him to the emergency room, where anti-seizure medicine was administered, but the man was already in a coma. It turns out the body can overdose on salt, according to the Journal of Emergency Medicine. 
Having too much salt in the blood is called hypernatremia. The condition causes water to leave the brain, as it moves into the bloodstream.
The medical team immediately began to flush the salt from the man’s body with a sugar water solution. In all they pumped 1,5 gallons into the man. While his coma lasted three days, the teen’s sodium levels normalized in five hours.
The man is the first reported case of someone deliberately taking in enough salt to overdose and not have any lasting problems. According to the journal, hypernatremia is usually seen in people with psychiatric conditions who develop a strong appetite for the taste.