star trek nsa bridge 'Star Trek' style command center was used by NSA director

Maybe “Star Trek” isn’t as far away as some would believe, at least architecturally. Pictures have appeared online of something called the Information Dominance Center, which current NSA Director General Keith Alexander worked in during his last job.
Previously, Alexander led the Army’s Intelligence and Security Command and sat on a throne fit for either a king or a Starfleet commander. The room was reportedly modeled to look like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, according to the Guardian, which cites PBS’s “News Hour.” You can see photos of the room on their site.
The Information Dominance Center is located in Fort Belvoir, Va. and even included insane details like the doors making a “whoosh” sound upon opening and closing. While it’s been reported that Alexander has the center built, the Washington Post is clearing that up.
They say the space was constructed in 1998, three years before Alexander took over as head of the Intelligence and Security Command in 2001. That doesn’t mean he didn’t enjoy playing Captain Kirk during his time, though. Who wouldn’t? The real question was how much of it was paid for by tax dollars.