Many people have a holiday regret that sticks with them over the years. For Steve Carell, it comes from a Christmas in his childhood where he failed to get the only thing in the world he asked for: a skittle bowl set, which is essentially a miniature bowling game. The “Anchorman 2” star appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman” Thursday (Dec. 19) to tell the story.
“That was the only present I wanted and I made it very evident to my parents that that’s what I wanted,” he tells Letterman. “Came down Christmas morning and they had given it to me brother and he could have cared less. He was like, ‘Uh, skittle bowl. Whatever.'”
Luckily, Carell was able to conceal his disappointment as a child, waiting until now to let the frustration out. So if you know Steve and are planning to buy him a gift, time to find one of those skittle bowl sets on eBay.