david akers superdome blackout officials were warned gi Superdome officials feared Super Bowl blackout months before game

The actual cause of the blackout during Sunday’s Super Bowl is still being investigated, however records released Monday show that officials at the Superdome were worried about the possibility of a power outage. In a memo dated October 15, obtained by the Associated Press, state officials warned that tests on the power lines running into the stadium showed decay and had the possibility of failing.
After learning of the weaknesses in the wiring, Superdome officials approved nearly $1 million in renovations, including $600,000  to upgrade electrical systems. That work was completed in December.
Doug Thornton, manager of the Superdome, isn’t sure what caused the blackout, as he says the stadium was using the same amount of power it does during a regular New Orleans Saints game. He also ruled out Beyonce, because her halftime show was powered by a generator.
Luckily for the city, the NFL is happy with how the event was handled, blackout or not. League Commissioner Roger Goodell believes the city did a great job, saying, “I fully expect that we will be back here for Super Bowls.”