escape-club-E-june-reality-TV.jpgOn Sunday (June 8), E! is debuting a reality competition show called “Escape Club” and if you’re in “Survivor” withdrawal this summer, you should give it a try.

On the show, 12 single 20-something men and women abandon their lives to head off to a luxurious paradise in the Dominican Republic. They think they’re being given a chance to “escape from their jobs, relationships, families and friends.” But what they don’t know is that they’re playing a game where they fight
for their place on the show in order to win the prize of an entire year
with all expenses paid to keep living a life of luxury.

Basically, it’s “Survivor: Temptation Island.” And based on the promos below, it looks like this show gives a whole new meaning to the “loved ones visit” aspect of “Survivor.”

What more do you want in summer TV? Nothing, that’s what. “Escape Club” premieres Sunday, June 8 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on E!