Action legends who are still acting for one reason or another, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, are teaming up. This isn’t for the next “Expendables,” though. This time the two are fighting, side-by-side, in “Escape Plan.”
In this movie, the two play inmates in what may be the craziest looking prison ever assembled. However, one of them shouldn’t be there. Stallone’s character, someone who breaks out of jails professionally to find faults in their security, has been tricked into becoming an actual inmate.
To find a way out of the ultimate jail, he teams with Schwarzenegger’s character, who is in there for something pretty bad. What stands out most is how the aging heroes are still able to beat up anyone, of any size and age, pretty easily. It pays to be the hero.
If you’re a fan of the two icons of the action genre, it’s probably a foregone conclusion that you will be lined up to see this when it comes out. “Escape Plan” will be in theaters September 27.