urx unit loader 'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood avoids prison for drug test violation
teen mom amber portwood 'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood avoids prison for drug test violationOh, “Teen Mom” Amber Portwood, urine trouble! (Get it?! You’re in … urine … no?) Well, sort of.

According to TMZ, Portwood, who failed to take a drug test Monday (March 5) — a daily requirement for the reality star to avoid a five-year prison sentence for a December drug arrest — won’t be serving any time for the missed test, a judge decided Thursday. Apparently, she didn’t refuse the test or come up positive for drugs — she just didn’t have to go, which unfortunately for her counts as a failed test. So the judge is making Portwood submit to another 30 days of drug testing.

Portwood, 21, tells E! News, “I would be in jail if I skipped. Honestly, I don’t give a s— what people are saying … I’m doing what I have to do … they are not a concern of mine.”  

She also reportedly skipped an AA meeting recently — another stipulation of her probation — for which she’ll have to re-read the drug court handbook and write a report on her responsibilities as a drug court participant, reports TMZ.

Portwood better mind her pees and q’s. (Sorry.)