teens 54k bar tab gi Teen's $54K bar tab in Japan won't have to be paid in full

A father in Japan is breathing a sigh of relief. It turns out he won’t have to pay off the insane bar tab his son ran up in 2010. The 16-year-old took his father’s credit card before beginning a tour of Japanese hostess bars, racking up $54,000 in charges.
The teen and a friend hit several hot spots around Kyoto, Japan’s capital, buying bottles of whiskey and sparkling wine, some priced up to $3,700 each, the AFP reports. The hostess clubs offer the company of attractive women, hired to spend time with the customer. It’s not a sexual thing, the hostesses simply hang out and laugh at the jokes the customer tells.
A Japanese court ruled that the bar owners and credit card company were mostly responsible for the charges, meaning the father won’t have to pay off the entire tab. However, the dad has been ordered to fork over $7,800 of the bill.
No word on how long the son was grounded for.