In the latest episode of the web series “Teens React,” a group of teenagers are asked to give their thoughts about “Doctor Who,” which make sense with the 50th anniversary on the horizon. There’s a lot of love in the room for the Doctor, but definitely some who just aren’t big fans. Then there’s the one girl who has somehow never heard of the show at all.
Those who love the show come across as superfans, while the rest just seem to be indifferent, while the guys like looking at the companions. As for the girl who has never heard of it, a one-sentence description of the show seems to be all the convincing she needs.
It also seems like the female fans aren’t excited about Peter Capaldi being the next Doctor, because he’s “old” and “not hot.”
At the very least, they were able to convince a couple tenagers to give the show a shot, even if one of those participating has a terrible British accent.