“The Bachelor” ends one of the craziest seasons (and that is saying something) Monday night (March 12) when Ben Flajnik introduces the two finalists, Courtney Robertson and Lindzi Cox, to his mother and sister. And his sister has the presence of mind to tell him Courtney is waving a giant “red flag” at him, which you can see them discuss in the above preview video.

But will Ben listen to even his own family about Courtney? We’re not holding our breath.

Meanwhile, below is Ben and Courtney’s finale date in Switzerland. They’re making snow angels! And sledding! And Ben says he’s completely and utterly himself when he’s around her. Oh, the barf-worthiness.

So, is it a foregone conclusion that he picks Courtney? What do you think will be the big dramatic twist? Vote now in our finale polls and then tune in Monday night at 8 p.m. ET for the three-hour finale event.