arnold schwarzenegger patrick hughes harrison ford expendables 3 instagram 'The Expendables 3' first look: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford team up on setJust a few weeks after fans learned that he was stepping into “The Expendables 3” to replace Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford has hit the set of the action franchise’s threequel.

His co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a photo on Instagram on Friday (Aug. 30) of the two action stars together with their director Patrick Hughes. “It was a fantastic first day of filming on “Expendables 3,” Schwarzenegger writes. “Great to work with Harrison and our director, Patrick.”

Posing in front of a plane, Ford is wearing a pilot’s outfit, clearly hinting to his character’s flight skills, while the former Governator looks straight out of a schlocky ’80s action flick, with his trench coat and cigar.

“The Expendables 3” is set to open on Aug. 15, 2014.

Are you excited to Ford and Schwarzenegger team up?