urx unit loader 'The King's Speech' set for PG 13 rated April release
kings speech 'The King's Speech' set for PG 13 rated April releaseWhat’s the next step for the Academy Award winning Best Film of 2011? A PG-13 rated re-release, of course.

As Zap2it previously reported, rumors had been circulating that Harvey Weinstein was considering a re-cut of “The King’s Speech” to change the rating from R to PG-13. A move that actor Geoffrey Rush considers “a shame.”

In an effort to fix what clearly isn’t broken, said re-release is set to hit 1,000 screens on April 1st. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Weinstein Co. believes that a PG-13 version will drum up box office revenues, despite the money that will undoubtedly be spent on a nationwide marketing campaign to explain the rating change.

In the new teen-friendly version, numerous curse words are cut from a scene that Rush described as “therapeutic play.” [Side note:] Are there any teens out there dying to go see this movie? If so, how many of their parents forbade the R-rated version?

“It’s almost like a tongue-twister,” Rush adds. “It’s gobbledygook. But it’s not aggressive, it’s not offensive.  It’s not harmful.”

Would you prefer “The King’s Speech” sans F-bombs? Or does their removal compromise the integrity of the film?