the simpsons brick like me poll fox 'The Simpsons' brings LEGO fun for episode 550: What did you think?

“The Simpsons” promised a LEGO episode and that’s exactly what was delivered. “Brick Like Me” was filled with lots of LEGO jokes and an impeccable amount of attention paid to recreation the “Simpsons” world. From the Love Tester in Moe’s Tavern, to Bart discarding the instructions when rebuilding Springfield Elementary, there was plenty for viewers to see. You might have even spotted a couple familiar faces from “The LEGO Movie” in the background.
Was it a good episode, though? “The Simpsons” tried something new and that’s to be applauded, especially 550 episodes in. It also served as a very entertaining half-hour commercial for that new line of “Simpsons” LEGOs, so the idea is rather genius.
What did you think of “Brick Like Me”? Sound off in the poll below.