the-voice-season-6-final-results-NBC.jpgAfter five months and countless performances, “The Voice” crowned its Season 6 winner Tuesday (May 20) — did Josh Kaufman, Christina Grimmie or Jake Worthington take home the title?

After waiting through two hours of fun performances and lots of filler, Josh Kaufman was crowned the winner. It was also revealed that Christina Grimmie finished third, which means Jake Worthington was the runner-up. It left Kaufman speechless.

“I can’t even talk, I’m overwhelmed, surprised, happy, relieved, this has been so much more of an experience than I ever could have imagined,” says Kaufman after his win.

It comes as a slight surprise to us for two reasons — Christina nailed her final performances, so we thought she might win, but also Jake Worthington inexplicably survived week after week despite turning in sub-par performances, so we were worried that his voting bloc would be impossible to beat.

So Kaufman was actually our “third” choice to win, even though we think he’s a marvelous singer. But it’s great that he won, congratulations to him!

Do you think the right singer won?