chandler riggs walking dead wwe amc 'The Walking Dead's' Chandler Riggs fanboys with WWE wrestlers: Pics

“The Walking Dead” star Chandler Riggs took a break from fighting zombies to hang out with some professional wrestlers on Tuesday (May 27). He attended a taping of “WWE Smackdown” and was able to meet some of the superstars backstage.
Riggs posted photos of himself with Sheamus, Goldust and Ric Flair on Facebook. Sheamus and Goldust make sense as they both appeared on Tuesday’s show, but Flair is a pleasant surprise. He didn’t appear on camera during the taping, but looks more than happy to pose for pictures. Hopefully he winds up back on TV soon.
The photos also prove that the “Walking Dead” cast looks perfectly normal, once you wash all the dirt, blood and guts off of them.