matt smith doctor who in bruges gi Throwback Thursday: 'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith's 'In Bruges' deleted scene

While Matt Smith may have risen to fame on “Doctor Who,” it wasn’t his first role by a long stretch. After beginning on stage in 2003, Smith had his first film role in 2008’s critically acclaimed “In Bruges.”
What’s that? You don’t remember Smith appearing in the movie? Unfortunately, that’s because his scene landed on the cutting room floor. For one reason or another, it just didn’t make the final version of the movie. That doesn’t mean it was lost forever, though.
The deleted scene was included on the DVD release of the movie and eventually made its way online. In it, Smith plays a young version of Harry (Ralph Fiennes) and has one pretty insane moment that shouldn’t be spoiled. He also somehow has more ridiculous hair than he ever did as the Doctor.
Warning: The video below contains violence and gore.