Comedian Tig Notaro knew exactly how to put the audience in stitches during her “Conan” appearance on Monday (March 31). When all else fails, fall back on breast cancer humor.
Notaro was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 and was very open about the experience on stage in her album “Live,” recorded shortly after she found out. Now she’s able to look back on the experience and jokingly find a reason it all happened in the first place.
“Before I had a double mastectomy I already was pretty flat-chested,” Notaro admits. “I made so many jokes over the years about how small my chest was that I started to think that maybe my boobs overheard me and were just lie, ‘You know what? We’re sick of this. Let’s kill her.'”
Fortunately for Notaro, she survived the ordeal and has thrived in her standup career. She’s currently touring the United State, with dates available at her website.