When “Thor: The Dark World” star Tom Hiddleston is committed to a prank, there’s absolutely no stopping him. That’s why more than a year after he first “Loki’d” someone, he’s back for more.
Though Tom stopped by MTV’s comedy web series “After Hours” for some slumber party dancing, he also followed up his “Loki’d” prank short from around when “Marvel’s The Avengers” came out.
For those who didn’t see that, just picture Hiddleston being terrible at pranks and practical jokes. That is, until he somehow convinces MTV News’ Josh Horowitz that he’s a deliver man named Steve, who winds up paralyzed.
Now, Steve returns for the ultimate revenge against Josh, who he blames for being in a wheelchair. It’s the epic conclusion to Steve’s journey, and a funny one at that. If there’s one thing to take away from this video, it’s that you should always just play along when Tom Hiddleston tries to prank you.
If you did, in fact, miss the first “Loki’d,” check it out below.