urx unit loader Topher Grace on the move from film to theater
topher grace theatre broadway lonely im not Topher Grace on the move from film to theaterTopher Grace has been a star in the TV world with “That 70’s Show” and the film world with movies like “Predators.” Now he’s becoming a triple threat and starring Off-Broadway in a play called, “Lonely, I’m Not.”

“I love it all,” Grace tells AP.
“I love playing good guys. I love playing bad guys. I love theater. I
love film. I love watching TV. I want a passport to everywhere. I don’t
want to be exclusive to one thing. That is a huge problem for my agents
because I think I would make more money if I focused on one specific
type of character or genre… but especially while I’m young and single I
really want to explore everything.”

Grace says, “There is nothing louder than 300 people not laughing,” when talking about working in front of a live audience. He stars alongside Olivia Thirlby in the show, which is about a man named Porter who is recently divorced and has lost his job. Cue nervous breakdown here. He falls in love with Thirlby, who plays a blind business woman.

Grace says, “Everything that I always thought was a cliche that every actor said
about the theater – how connective it is and how it gets you back to
your roots or how it’s like using an acting muscle – everything they say
is true. I’ll do a lot of films where I haven’t met
the other people that are in the film until the premiere. Here you’re a
really tight company and it doesn’t hurt that it’s spring time in New
York, you know.”