urx unit loader 'True Detective': The only Yellow King theory you'll ever need

With “True Detective” headed for its season finale on Sunday (March 9), theorizing about the killer, Carcosa and the Yellow King is reaching “Lost”-like levels of intensity.

Never mind all of that, though: The definitive answer about the Yellow King is in the video above. As its narrator explains, “I’ve heard that it might be a member of the Tuttle family. There are some people who think it could even be Detective Marty Hart. But I think the Yellow King might be this big yellow man, dressed as a king, who we’ve seen several times throughout the series.”

The video is very, very funny, but it’s also a spot-on parody of the way fans and reviewers of “True Detective” have been obsessively poring over every shot and line of dialogue. It’s the work of a group calling itself Big Meeting, which includes Onion News Network writer David Sidorov, comedian Rachel Wenitsky “and over 100,000 other people.”

The finale of “True Detective” airs at 9 p.m. ET/PT Sunday on HBO.