urx unit loader 'Vikings' Season 2, episode 4: 'Eye for an Eye' brings Ragnar and Ecbert face to face

“Vikings” Season 2, episode 4 airs Thursday (March 20) on History. Before this “Eye for an Eye” episode, however, get a preview of what is to come with these four videos.

In “Eye for an Eye,” two great men meet and pave the road to possible future compromise when Ragnar and Ecbert come face-to-face. Jarl Borg is now the inflexible ruler of Kattegat, and Rollo must become his people’s leader in the absence of Ragnar.

Ragnar and King Ecbert have their meeting in the first of the videos:

Ragnar Rollo Ragnar wants to take down Jarl Borg.

For his part, Jarl Borg wants to kill Ragnar.