vikings season 3 lagertha katheryn winnick sexuality gi 'Vikings' Season 3: Lagertha is going to explore her sexuality

When Season 3 of “Vikings” arrives, Lagertha may be looking for love. Now that she’s an Earl and no longer saddled with an abusive husband, it’s time for to go after what she wants.
Katheryn Winnick, who plays Lagertha, spoke to Zap2it during a group interview at San Diego Comic-Con about what to expect from the character. “Lagertha is a free woman,” she says. “She can do whatever she wants. She doesn’t have a husband, she understands her sexuality and she knows who she is. She’s a free woman and you can see her explore that in Season 3.” Perhaps she’ll play the field. After all, a woman in power can probably have her pick of anyone in Kattegat.
Something else she’ll be exploring is the changing relationship with her son, Bjorn. “It’s definitely been a coming-of-age story,” Alexander Lugwig (Bjorn) explains. “Historically, this character goes on to do some pretty incredible things, so I think we’re setting up him coming into his own and becoming a man.” 
“Lagertha has to deal with that,” Winnick adds. “He’s not her little son anymore. Now she has to respect him as a man and that’s a different challenge to play.” 
It’s shaping up to be an interesting season for Lathertha, and that’s before you factor in that she’s fighting side-by-side with her ex-husband Ragnar as they raid Paris.
“Vikings” Season 3 will premiere in 2015 on History.