“Amazing Spider-Man 2” star Andrew Garfield made a delightful appearance on “The Tonight Show” Thursday (May 1), running the gamut of talking about his nightmares about hosting “Saturday Night Live” — which he does this Saturday (May 3) — to playing the “Spider-Man” theme on guitar to racing host Jimmy Fallon around the studio on pocket bikes.

“I’ve had nightmares about hosting ‘Saturday Night Live,'” says Garfield. “I’ve even had nightmares where I’ve sent someone up in place of me because I boggled it five minutes before my monologue.”

Below, Garfield’s Neil Young-y version of the “Spider-Man” cartoon theme song is inspired. Fallon can’t stop cracking up — and then, of course, he joins in on tambourine. As one does. The two then race pocket bikes around the studio and amazingly, no one gets hurt.

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is in theaters now.