Four-time Oscar nominee Annette Bening stopped by “The Tonight Show” Wednesday (March 5), where she played against host Jimmy Fallon in a rousing game of flip cup, which is the best drinking game ever.

Bening did better than you might think — she almost pulled it out at the end, it got quite exciting!

Below, Bening talks about getting her start in acting in New York City and how she slept on a mattress in her friend Sally’s closet for a while when she first moved there. Aww, that’s so adorable.

Finally, in the last video, Bening talks about being directed by husband Warren Beatty in his as-of-yet untitled Howard Hughes project.

While that movie is just getting off the ground, Bening’s “The Face of Love,” co-starring Robin Williams and Ed Harris, opens in select theaters nationwide on Friday (March 7).