In case you needed another reason to love former “Doctor Who” companion Arthur Darvill, he’s here to give it to you. During a BBC Radio 1 appearance, Darvill was given a shot to tell the Whovian world that there’s more to him than just being Rory the companion.
He chose to do so in the form of song. That song is a special version “Let It Go” from “Frozen.” He says t’s time for the fans to let Rory go. After all, Darvill definitely has. He’s even in a play now. He also seems to have a future as a singer, because the man belts out some excellent notes throughout the performance.
Sadly, Darvill also says he won’t be heading to Comic Con this year. With movie projects on the horizon, chances are Karen Gillan and Matt Smith will be, though. At least there’s that.