We love us some “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” here at Zap2it – but we also love to make fun of it. There’s just so much to poke at. And now comedian Ben Stiller has taken a swing, complete with comedy friends Ken Marino, Kristen Bell, Michael Ian Black and more.

“Burning Love” is Stiller’s send-up, with Marino as the eligible bachelor (a firefighter!) and Black as the Chris Harrison-esque host. The cavalcade of famous women as the bachelorettes is hilarious – a bunch of dental hygienists and Kristen Bell as the God-y one.

They really weren’t messing around, either – it runs almost 9 minutes. And it’s a decent parody of the show. Did you catch the cameo by Jake Pavelka?! Love it. We hope this isn’t a one-time video. We would definitely watch more episodes of this.