While many play beer pong when they’re looking for a challenge that comes with a drink, Drake is from Canada and things are done a bit differently up there. 
The rapper appeared on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” to talk about his upcoming “Saturday Night Live” appearance, but ended his segment challenging Jimmy Fallon to a game of beer hockey.
The “Late Night” staff spared no expenses creating a beer hockey table, which looks very impressive. It’s essentially an air hockey table, but instead of goals on each end, there are rows of beer cups. The puck lands in a cup, you chug the beer.
While Drake may be a Canadian who loves beer and hockey, in the end he’s no match for Jimmy’s drinking game skills. After all, this is a man who played Matthew McConaughey in a game of flip cup. Hopefully the beer and games make their way to “The Tonight Show” when Fallon takes over.