Jack White took to the “Tonight Show” stage, bathed in blue light, to perform two songs from his new album, “Lazaretto.” The the TV audience, White and his band shredded through the album’s title track, which included a fiddle duet, something you don’t see too often on TV.
He wasn’t done there, though. Like many of the musicians that appear on “The Tonight Show,” White then did a song for the internet. “Just One Drink” starts out slow, but had the studio audience screaming and clapping along by the end.
Host Jimmy Fallon also interviewed White, with the two of them going deep into the album’s many secrets, including a song hidden in the vinyl label and a hologram etched into the record that is only visible when it spins on a turntable. Considering the work White put into making the album a special experience, it sounds like one you don’t want to miss.