Singer and newly announced “Voice” coach Pharrell Williams was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday (May 7), where the host decided the two should engage in a selfie battle with unsuspecting passersby.

Kimmel actually refers to it was a “twofie” battle, since they are each tasked with seeing how many different selfies they can take with a random pedestrian in 30 seconds. Also, the rule is you have to have both eyes and the nose of both you and the other person in the shot for it to count. It’s hilarious and probably also a little alarming for the folks they were approaching.

Pharrell is far too leisurely about the contest (and also seems to struggle with his phone), while Kimmel’s running and one-handed approach nabs him 10 “twofies” in 30 seconds (and four of Kimmel’s don’t count, so he actually took 14 photos).

Below, Pharrell recounts a funny story about the time he hung up on Michael Jackson and then eventually when Pharrell believed it was actually Michael Jackson on the phone, they got to chat and the King of Pop ate popcorn in his ear. Kimmel and Pharrell also laugh about JK’s cameo on the “Happy” video.

Pharrell Williams joins “The Voice” Season 7 in the fall and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” airs nightly at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.