Not only did Jimmy Kimmel finally get revenge on Matt Damon for taking over his show a year ago, he involved Damon’s entire “Monuments Men” cast in his plan.
The cast appeared as guests on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Thursday (Feb. 6), but there was one noticeable face missing from the stage. While Kimmel spoke to George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, John Goodman, Bill Murray and Bob Balaban, Damon was stuck backstage with a microphone that didn’t work.
After interviewing the cast for quite a bit, with Damon stewing in rage, he was finally allowed to come out. There wasn’t a seat for him, though. Luckily, Guillermo had a child’s chair for Damon. He still didn’t get asked any questions; instead, Kimmel talked to the cast about how terrible Damon is.
Finally, after Damon complains about being ignored, Kimmel asks him a legitimate question, much to his shock. Of course, as he’s about to answer there’s a fire alarm and the studio is evacuated. Everyone except Damon leaves, including the guests and the audience. While that would be the perfect place to end, things get taken just a bit further, adding insult to injury.
Whatever Damon does to finally get back at him is going to have to be big. The segment is pretty long, so make sure to check it all out below.