As part of the “Psych” send-off on USA, as it draws its eighth and final season to a close, the stars each picked their favorite episode and those six episodes aired Friday (March 21) as a marathon. Each episode was introduced by the star that chose it, offering a goodbye message to fans.

Zap2it has star Timothy Omundson’s goodbye message to fans debuting online here exclusively, wherein he says, “Hello ‘Psych’-Os and sub-‘Psych’-Os and ‘Psych’-Os yet to be. Eight years you’ve been with us — you’re the reason we’re here, you’re the reason we’ve been here for eight years and I cannot thank you enough. Let’s let it live on, shall we? Keep watching. Thank you.”

Omundson’s favorite episode is “Last Night Gus.” The final episode of “Psych” airs Wednesday, March 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, followed by the live “Psych After Pshow” on USA.