melanie listen by caseycarlsonx1

So Melanie Amaro came into our lives Thursday night (Sept. 22) on “The X Factor” and it was incredible. She didn’t need the crappy auditions to stand out amongst – she would’ve stood out up against the best any show like this has ever seen.

After she was done with Beyonce’s “Listen,” Nicole Scherzinger choked out, “This is why I do this, people like you inspire me” and Paula said, “You have a unique ability unlike anything we’ve heard. I don’t think it’s like anything I’ve ever heard in any audition I’ve ever been in.”

Simon capped it off with, “When I was asked by people why I was bringing this show to America it was because I hoped we were going to find someone like you.”

What did you think, “X Factor” fans? We’ll post video as soon as we have it.