xbox special event microsoft Xbox special event planned for May 21 to announce new console   report

Though Sony beat them to the punch with the unveiling of the PlayStation 4, Microsoft won’t be playing catch up much longer. A report from The Verge says the company will be announcing their next Xbox console, currently code-named Durango, at a special event on May 21.
As with the PlayStation 4, Durango is expected to be fully unveiled at June’s E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) event. Though Microsoft has kept a tight lid on the console, with almost no details being leaked, it’s been rumored that the new Xbox will require an “always-on” internet connection, allowing the company to block used games. 
When Adam Orth, creative director at Microsoft Studios, tweeted that he didn’t see the problem with the feature and fans should deal with it, the tech giant issued an official apology.
Like the PlayStation 4, Durango is reported to debut before the end of the year, in time for the holiday shopping season.