urx unit loader Zac Efron cuts his hair to play war vet, the world mourns

zac hair twitter Zac Efron cuts his hair to play war vet, the world mournsFollowing his recent break-up with longtime girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens (we’re still in deep depression over the news), Zac Efron has ditched his signature shaggy hairstyle for a buzz cut. Yes, you read that right: A Buzz cut. So was this the male equivalent of a girl changing her hair color or chopping off her locks after a break-up. Yeah, right. Zefron has much more sense than that.]]>The Lucky One.” He plays an Iraq war veteran who returns home to North Carolina in search of a woman he believes was his good luck charm during the war. Efron in a uniform? Swoon.

While we aren’t crazy about the cut (we’re still No. 14’s [the number on his basketball jersey in “High School Musical,” natch] biggest fan), we do love what Efron is doing on set. For every person that cut their hair, he is donated money to the the New Orleans-based charity Kingsley House, which helps local children and families. Swoon again. 30 volunteers agreed to face the razor. 
What do you think of Zac’s new hair, Zappers?