zach galifianakis goatee beard Zach Galifianakis debuts goatee at 'Hangover III' premiere in ParisZach Galifianakis was spotted sporting some new, sleeker facial hair over the weekend — what do you think?

The comedian took to the red carpet in Paris (above, left) for the premiere of “Hangover III,” which is hilariously called “Very Bad Trip 3” in France, sporting a similar ensemble as the one he wore to the U.K. premiere (above, right), but with one noticeable difference — no wild beard, but a trim goatee instead.

This makeover happened to take place off set, which is a bit unusual for Zach G. He previously shaved his beard for “Saturday Night Live” in 2010 and then shaved part of his head for “SNL” in 2011.

We think next he should go for just a mustache, get his Snidley Whiplash on.