10th anniversary of 'Eurotrip': Celebrate with GIFs of Kristin Kreuk, Michelle Trachtenberg, Matt Damon, Fred Armisen and more


Time for a special edition of Throwback Thursday!

In honor of "Eurotrip's" 10th anniversary on Thursday (Feb. 20), we rounded up GIFs from the cult classic movie starring some of the biggest names on TV and in movies today. Yeah, it's been 10 years. Commence feeling old now.

Remember that time a tatted up and pierced Matt Damon sang a song about doing Kristin Kreuk behind her boyfriend's back at his own graduation party? Ouch. If Scotty didn't know before, he certainly knows by now:


Seriously, best song ever (unless you were Scotty, then it was probably the worst song you had ever heard in your entire life):


And remember that time Michelle Trachtenberg had to resort to flashing cars to try and get a ride for her and her friends?


And then she unknowingly almost gave all the men on the nude beach a free show, and ended up causing a stampede:


Her bad times didn't end there. After she chugged some Absinthe ...


... she ended up making out with her own brother. Ewww:


And who could forget Fred Armisen's creepy Italian guy, who got his creep on when the unsuspecting high schoolers took a nap on a train?


But of course, the most important lesson we all learned from "Eurotrip" is that while alcohol is bad, hangovers are worse:


Happy 10th anniversary, "Eurotrip!" Party responsibly. Don't wake up like Scotty.

Photo/Video credit: DreamWorks Pictures