15,000 crocodiles escape reptile farm, wreak havoc near school

15000-crocodiles-escape-reptile-farm-gi.jpgSeveral thousand dangerous crocodiles escaped when workers at the Rakwena Crocodile Farm near Botswana were forced to open the gates during severe flooding.

Had the gates not been opened, a storm surge may have crushed the property, but now the carnivorous crocodiles are prowling for prey of their own to crush.

The Sun reports a few thousand of the aggressive Nile crocs have been captured, but more than half of the escapees are still on the loose. Workers have been able to nab many at night because their eyes glow.

One of the predatory reptiles appeared 70 miles down the Limpopo river near a school's rugby field, causing quite the scare.

Zane Langman, a relative of the farm's owner, says he rescued some friends by boat after they were surrounded by crocodiles in a flooded house. "You want to get them but you wonder the whole time if you'll make it there," says Langman. "When we reached them, the crocodiles were swimming around them. Praise the Lord, they were all alive."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images