2012 Summer Olympics: Women's gymnastics kicks off Sunday, July 29

ana-sofia-gomez-porras-womens-gymnastics-olympics.jpgOne of the marquee sports of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games kicked off Sunday, July 29 at 4:30 a.m. ET time -- women's gymnastics has its qualifying round throughout the day Sunday with five subdivisions taking their turns in the (very pink) arena.

The first two subdivisions have taken place already, leaving Italy, Australia and Brazil as first, second and third, respectively. Other countries that have completed their rotations include Switzerland, Guatemala, Poland, Belgium, Greece, Sweden, Croatia, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, South Korea, Hungary, Argentina, North Korea, Portugal, Puerto Rico and Finland.

The U.S. is in the third subdivision, which kicks off at 9:45 a.m. ET. The countries in their subdivision are Canada, Great Britain and France. It's not airing live because NBC saves the money sports for primetime, but you can watch live online if you want to follow along as it happens. Subdivisions four and five start at 11:30 a.m. ET and 3 p.m. ET, respectively.

By the end of the day, the teams that finish 8th or better will have qualified for the team all-around competition. Furthermore, each individual score on each apparatus will see the top eight finishers qualify for the individual medal competitions in each apparatus (uneven parallel bars, vault, floor and beam). Finally, the top 24 finishers overall who compete on every apparatus will qualify for the individual all-around finals.

The U.S. is heavily favored to win gold and we'll know by the end of Sunday if they are looking as strong as they are expected to look.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images