$220,000 bathroom for Interior Secretary remodeled with taxpayer money

The private office bathroom for the interior secretary at the U.S. Interior Department's Washington headquarters got an extreme makeover a few years back at the cost of more than $220,000.

Atlanta's WSB got all the details on the renovation by filing a request under the Freedom of Information Act. As WSB points out, the 100 square-foot bathroom's remodel cost more than many Americans' homes.

No detail was left unattended, including a $3,500 sub-zero refrigerator -- because everyone needs a fridge in the john, right? -- a $2,600 custom cabinet overhaul, and a nearly $700 faucet. Oh, and don't forget that $65 toilet paper roller.

A government audit was performed when word got out of the pricey remodel, and found that "a number of the items incorporated into the renovation project call into question the need for luxurious materials."

The deed was done under the George W. Bush administration, before current Interior Secretary Ken Salazar took office. Still, David Williams of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance points out the obvious. "The country is broke," says Williams. "We can't afford, as taxpayers, the remodeling of bathrooms or any rooms that don't need to be remodeled."

Hear, hear.
Photo/Video credit: WSB