'30 Rock' recap: TWINK(ie)S

30-rock-s5-320.jpgTGS goes on a forced hiatus in Tracy's absence, so Lemon looks to the staffers to maintain solidarity. This plan goes down about as well as you might expect, with Frank abandoning ship for stand-up gigs, Pete returning to his teaching career, and Jenna relying on her culturally stereotypical "Jenna Babies," who spout such phrases as "Excuse me, G.I., do you miss your girlfriend? I'm good at math." As such, Lemon quickly recognizes that she needs to explore other options. Other options, apparently, means Aaron Sorkin. Just when Lemon thinks all hope is lost, Kenneth lets slip that Tracy often eats slices from a local pizzeria when they video-chat. Lemon realizes that Tracy is nearby and can forestall the forced hiatus. Hurrah!

Meanwhile, Jack tries to satisfy his conservative money men by presenting the symbol of a new, extra-gay demographic. That symbol is Devin Banks. And with an extended "Itsy Bitsy Spider" metaphor, Devin outwits Jack yet again... by bringing a baby to a business meeting. Is this making sense? No? It shouldn't. Just when Jack thinks he should hand over the reins, Devin misses his life in Brooklyn. It should serve as a moral lesson for new father Jack, but this is a Donaghy we're talking about. Story to be continued...