'Golden Girls' remembered by 'The O.C': Rachel Bilson sings 'Thank You for Being a Friend'

Before everyone was claiming to be a Carrie or a Samantha, there were the Blanches, Roses, and Dorothys.

The sad news of Rue McClanahan's death on June 3 has us reminiscing about all of our favorite " Golden Girls" moments. The best thing about the series is its timelessness: it remains relevant in syndication and appeals even to those who are too young to remember the series' original run.

Though the show peaked 20 years ago, McClanahan and co-stars Betty White, Estelle Getty, and Bea Arthur are still present in pop-culture consciousness. "The O.C.," which ran from 2003-2007, paid tribute to "The Golden Girls" often. Sworn frienemies Summer ( Rachel Bilson) and Anna ( Samaire Armstrong) bonded over their mutual adoration. In fact, their appreciation for Rose and Blanche trumped even their rivalry for Seth Cohen's ( Adam Brody) affection.

theoc-golden-girls.jpgWe love this clip from the 2004 episode "The Third Wheel" which features the girls in the bathroom at a Rooney concert, happily singing the theme song "Thank You For Being a Friend." Flighty, geeky Anna identifies most with Rose ( White), while promiscuous, hot-tempered Summer felt a kinship with Blanche ( McClanahan.) 

Anna and Summer also discuss "Bringing Up Baby," the Season 3 episode of "The Golden Girls" where Rose's late uncle leaves her his beloved pig in his will. Don't remember? You can find the entire episode (along with many other "Golden Girls" faves) on YouTube.

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Photo credit: FOX/Touchstone Television