'Abby's Ultimate Dance': Abby Lee Miller comes unglued when Travis tries to quit

mckaylee-abbys-ultimate-dance-competition.jpgIt's Broadway week for "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition" and it's also the first solo dance, which is won by McKaylee during the challenge. Her mom, Shari, goes bonkers at this turn of events, which draws the irritation of the other moms.

But Shari shrugs it off with a "This is McKaylee's dream. If I feel my kid is being treated wrongly, I will take off the gloves and start comin' out fighting."

McKaylee puts her money where her mouth is, though, with a dynamite lyrical solo in the style of "Les Miserables" that gets a standing ovation from the judges. Even Abby Lee Miller only has one small critique about her foot placement.

There are three other standout dancers -- Gianna and Ally in the style of "Nine" and Trinity in her "Newsies" hip hop number. Trinity's co-dancers, JoJo and Tyler, don't fare as well and Kalani and Travis' "Phantom of the Opera" funky jazz routine is kind of a hot mess.

During the elimination, Trinity, Ally and McKaylee are the favorites, with Kalani and Gianna also being named safe after a stiff chastising. That leaves JoJo, Tyler and Travis as the Bottom 3, but JoJo is safe first, so it's between the twin brothers.

Tyler is the one sent home, but that's not the end of the episode -- Travis says he's leaving along with his brother because Travis thinks he's the weaker link this week. Aww.

But Abby loses her mind because how DARE anyone squander the opportunity she so gracefully bestows upon them:

"You know when your brother needs you? When he needs a kidney or a lung! Not when he has the opportunity to win $100,000. Every one of those girls over there would give up their right arm to stay in this competition one more week. You're gonna stand on this stage and waste my time?!"

Travis decides to stay, probably because he's afraid Abby will punch him in the throat or something.
Photo/Video credit: Lifetime