Adam Lambert clarifies 'Les Miserables' stance after Russell Crowe responds


Adam Lambert hasn't stopped saying all he has to say about "Les Miserables." In his first Twitter review of the flick, he criticized the use of Hollywood actors over professionally trained singers in the film, but now he has come forth to offer a clarification of his points.

"My movie review has gone viral. U can spend a whole year praising artists for inspiring work, but one critique gets all the attention. Funny," he tweets. "Those raw and real moments when characters broke down or were expressing the ugliness of the human condition were superb. However... My personal opinion: there were times when the vocals weren't able to convey the power, beauty and grace that the score ALSO calls for."

Lambert continues, "I guess I'm a purist for the original LIVE broadway recording when the actors sang the f**k outta those songs. JUST an opinion... I should prob stop fanning the flames on this one..but i love a good debate- couldnt help myself. One last thing though: Anne Hathaway was so good- had me tearing up. Oscar worthy performance for sure! Ok. #donediscussinglesmiz."

After Lambert released his original criticism of "Les Miserables," Russell Crowe came out to say that he agreed to a certain extent with what Lambert had to say.

"I don't disagree with Adam,sure it could have been sweetened,Hooper wanted it raw and real,that's how it is," Crowe tweeted.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images