'Agents of SHIELD' 'Eye Spy': Is SWORD what Akela Amador portends as a larger threat?

akela-amador-marvels-agents-of-shield.jpgThe latest "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" episode, titled "Eye Spy," introduces a former trainee of Agent Coulson's who, acting as the mission of the week for our team, in turn introduces a larger threat.

Akela Amador, a former SHIELD agent who is presumed dead, shows back up committing diamond heists. Agent Coulson wants to personally track her down without letting the rest of SHIELD know because he trained her, likes her and wants to get the whole story.

The whole story is that she was imprisoned after a botched mission years ago that left her blind in her right eye. When she was finally let out of her prison -- by an unknown, but organized, group -- she was implanted with a mechanical device in her previously blinded eye that acts as a camera to whomever is controlling it. The device gave her illegal missions to complete, mostly thievery, and if she did not, she was given a kind of "electrical migraine."

Cut to present day and Coulson and his team managing to hack the camera, courtesy of Skye, so that Ward can complete her most recent mission while they figure out how to remove the device from her eye socket (and save her life, because there's a failsafe inside that will kill her).

Everyone is successful -- Ward, Fitz and Simmons' eye surgery -- except Coulson, who is trying to track down her handler and only succeeds in finding the next person up the chain. That man's failsafe kicks in upon him spotting Coulson and he dies.

So, the million dollar question is -- who's behind Amador's imprisonment and subsequent hijacking?

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • We always enjoy the fight scenes on this show, but we particularly liked the one in the strobe-light subway car and the one in the hotel room between Amador and May. Lotta fun.

  • Loved the disintegrating golf balls to hide the diamonds. Such a throwaway moment in the grand scheme of the episode's actual plot, but a nifty little trick nonetheless.

  • Best Line:
    : "Bus to short bus."
    : "Go for short bus."
    : Next time I'll decide what we call ourselves, OK?"

What did you think of "Eye Spy"? We don't imagine we'll see Amador again. It seems as though she's kind of a one-and-done, but this episode has definitely put something interesting in motion.

We aren't really sure what organization would be working against SHIELD, but there are comics in which relations between SHIELD and SWORD (Sentient World Observation and Response Department) have disintegrated a bit. There's also a video game that purports SWORD to be SHIELD's evil counterpart. Perhaps that's what the show is setting up?

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Photo/Video credit: ABC