Alexander Skarsgard's nudity: Why 'True Blood' scenes don't bother him

alexander-skarsgard-nudity-hbo.pngSome actors squirm at the idea of stripping down on camera. Alexander Skarsgard is not one of them.

As fans of "True Blood" have been aware since Season 1, the hunky Swede is naked as often as not, something Skarsgard isn't too bothered by. During a visit to "Conan" on Thursday (June 6), host Conan O'Brien quizzed the actor on whether his heritage made it easier to drop trou.

Skarsgard admitted that nudity is less stigmatized in Sweden, but that there was a more personal experience with nakedness that's helped him through. "I think, in general, people are slightly more comfortable with nudity in Sweden," he says. "I also come from a family -- my dad (actor Stellan Skarsgard) and especially his side of the family are old hippies and bohemians. I think I was 14 the first time I saw my dad wearing pants."

Laughing with O'Brien and Andy Richter, Skarsgard explained that the nudity didn't bother him until he and brother Bill ("Hemlock Grove") started bringing girls around the house. "All my buddies were always at my place, my brother's as well," he says. "People were so used to it, they didn't care ... We had a talk with Dad when we were teens ... 'Dad, when we bring girls over, can you please put on a robe? You're scaring them.'"

O'Brien, concerned more with minutiae, wondered if Stellan's naked cooking wasn't dangerous. "It's not that big, so it's fine," Skarsgard replied, before catching himself. "The stove was really low, so it's not a problem."

Watch the hilarious discussion below:

Photo/Video credit: HBO