Alison Pill blames nude photo tweet on Blackberry touch-screen

"The Newsroom" star Alison Pill sat down with Conan O'Brien Tuesday (Sept. 3) and explained that pesky little topless picture she accidentally tweeted back in Sept. 2012.

"It's a fascinating story involving not knowing that my new Blackberry had a touchscreen," Pill explains. "And responding to somebody on Twitter like, 'Oh yeah, New York was great. It's 9:30 on a Wednesday. Yeah, so, apropos of nothing: Here are my boobs.'"

It's a different explanation than the one she gave via Twitter at the time of the unfortunate incident. Pill wrote to her followers after deleting the accidental tweet, "Ugh. My tech issues have now reached new heights, apparently. How a deletion turned into a tweet... Apologies."

As for why she had the topless pic on her phone to begin with, Pill tells Conan, "I had one of these pictures on my phone because I had been away from my -- at the time -- fiance. And we had spoken on the phone the night previous. And, anyway, the next morning, I was just ... "

Conan interrupts to say he doesn't understand why all the young kids these days keep naked selfies on their phones. And Alison simply must inquire, "You don't have like a Weiner kind of picture? Not a weiner -- I mean, an Anthony Weiner-style ... ?" No, Conan apparently doesn't.

"It's a dumb thing to do, I suppose," Pill says. "And now I've realized just hoe dumb. And so embarrassing. So hideously embarrassing that for about three months after it happened, I couldn't ... Any time I met a news person, I'd just be like ... nice to meet you. You've seen my boobs."

Pill and her then fiance, Jay Baruchel, split up in March

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images