'American Horror Story: Coven' 'The Head': A 'Good Wife' face stops by

kyle-fiona-american-horror-story-coven.jpgThings come to (ahem) a head Wednesday, Dec. 11 on "American Horror Story: Coven," with the academy witches trying to fight back against the witch-hunter who tried to take them out. Here are a few spoilery tidbits for "The Head."

  • Did you think Joan Ramsey couldn't get any crazier? She totally can. Let's just say her former husband and Ella on "Pretty Little Liars" have something in common.
  • The main storyline revolves around Hank this week, since he's the witch-hunter who shot up Ramsey's house last episode. It turns out he comes by his witch-hunting ways naturally.
  • Misty Day may seem like a simple ne'er-do-well swamp witch, but it's not just Fiona who has taken notice of her extraordinary gifts.
  • Myrtle goes eye-for-eye with the Council, after they burned her at the stake based on Fiona's testimony. It's unexpected and awesome.
  • Get excited, "Good Wife" fans. Everyone's favorite Chicago drug dealer Lemond Bishop (Mike Colter) is stopping by "AHS: Coven."
  • Fiona decides she has the perfect job for Kyle at the academy. Hmm. We're not really sure how this plays out, but we're ... uneasy.
  • There's a lot of death this episode, so be prepared. It certainly leaves us with an excellent cliffhanger as the show goes on hiatus until January.

"American Horror Story: Coven" airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.
Photo/Video credit: FX